CommBox Announces Amazon Connect Integration


The integration of Amazon Connect will ensure enterprises can deliver quality customer experiences across digital channels with one-stop-shop platform that includes both voice and automated messaging

CommBox, a SaaS-based omnichannel autonomous customer communications platform, announced its expansion into the US market with the opening of an office in Boston, MA. 

Additionally, CommBox has integrated Amazon Connect into its AI-driven omnichannel communication platform that will enable enterprise customer service centres to manage both voice and textual assistance across digital channels, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other channels on the same platform.

Enterprises have slowly begun shifting to digital communication but are still hesitant to reduce their call centre loads, as alternative solutions still often don’t meet customer needs and expectations. Solutions such as bots or FAQs on websites often alienate users due to a lack of understanding of a user’s intent, and struggle to answer the most basic of questions.

CommBox’s AI-powered autonomous customer communications platform enables enterprise customers a one-stop-shop solution that not only provides a better end-user experience for their customers, but also maximises call centre employee output by fielding the questions that can be answered by the automated system, thereby freeing up valuable time for employees to focus on more urgent or complicated customer inquiries.

Now, with the integration of Amazon Connect for voice-based communication, enterprises will control all customer communications via the same platform, can make and record calls, and communicate on messaging channels. Moreover, the sophisticated auto-assignment mechanism that helps prevent agent overload and redirects conversations to the most available agents will now apply to both forms of communication, text-based and voice. This will free up backlogs that often occur at call centres and lower caseloads for agents.

“CommBox is expanding its footprint into the US at a time when an aggregated full-service communication platform is needed by companies dealing directly with consumers,” said Tom Reardon, Managing Director at PSG. “CommBox’s solution has proven itself in other markets and now with the company expanding to the US, we are confident that the company will continue its growth and commercial success.”