Netography Launches Network Visibility For Social Media Policies


These capabilities enable customers to quickly validate and enforce policy changes and verify that users are compliant and that controls are working properly.

Netography, the security company for the Atomized Network, announced enhancements to Netography Fusion’s operational governance dashboards providing analysts with real-time comprehensive views of all social media traffic.

These capabilities enable customers to quickly validate and enforce policy changes and verify that users are compliant and that controls are working properly. Within minutes and without hardware, complicated network taps, or packet inspection agents, security teams gain visibility of social media traffic from across the Atomized Network.

“Post-pandemic changes to social media policies are accelerating, with many governments and organizations banning TikTok and social media usage on employee devices. A policy is only good insofar as it can be enforced,” said Martin Roesch, CEO of Netography. 

“This is typically a challenging issue for security teams; if they don’t have a clear picture into the traffic that is on their network, for example what it is and where it is coming from, they won’t know what actions to take. Now, customers have the visibility to actually take action and fully enforce those corporate policies.”

Netography Fusion now provides visibility into any traffic to or from social media networks such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tinder, and others. This allows analysts to visualise and drill down to traffic by social media network, traffic by endpoint, duration, bandwidth usage, and more.

While organisations have numerous solutions available to block or monitor social media usage – including browser plugins, endpoint detection and response (EDR), endpoint content filtering software, and firewall configurations – sophisticated users can bypass these controls. Additionally, cyber threat actors have methods to compromise the known controls, and in other cases, will use a vulnerability or other weakness to access social media on devices without controls.

With Netography Fusion’s operational governance for social media, teams now have the mechanisms they need to automate a continuous approach to testing the efficacy of their security controls against cyber threats and organisational policy. New capabilities that span visibility, dashboarding, and alerting include:

Real-time and continuous visibility for operational governance policy enforcement. Netography Fusion is device type and flow type agnostic and ingests, enriches, and normalises all flow data in real-time and continuously. See which endpoints are not complying with social media policies and potentially exposing the organisation to any number of threats or corporate policy violations.

Customisable dashboards enable innovative visualisation of the Atomized Network. Easily configure social media usage dashboards by social media network, endpoint role, policy, location, or any other context that has been added to Netography Fusion. Isolate network data and analytics for quick views or drill into policy violations, issues, and alerts.

Powerful and easy-to-use search capability. Netography Query Language (NQL) is powerful yet familiar. It enables network security pros to surface information regarding the composition and activities on their network, create, save, and use custom searches to rapidly analyse, and investigate social media policy usage and violations.

Enable faster validation of new social media governance policies. Validate that changes to configurations and controls across the infrastructure are effective. With real-time visibility, analysts can report on social media usage to the teams responsible for training, implementing, enforcing, and reporting on social media governance.