Starbucks Launches Siren Craft System To Streamlines Beverage Making

Starbucks Launches Siren Craft System To Streamlines Beverage Making

The Siren Craft System, rolling out across the US and Canada by the end of July, aims to help baristas and managers anticipate demand and improve experience.

The changes heralded by the Siren Craft System are simple, but they are expected to have a significant impact on Starbucks’ customer experience.

“Customers can expect to feel prioritised,” said Kionte’ Sheffield, a district manager who oversaw the new system in its earliest stages, in a statement. “They are going to see theater when they walk into our stores. They’re going to see an ease of operations like they’ve never seen before.” 

Some of the changes are simple, such as swapping the order in which drinks are made. Under the Siren Craft System, espresso shots are pulled before milk is steamed, which saves time without sacrificing quality, Starbucks said.

The Siren System could help Starbucks support the popularity of its mobile ordering options. Some cafes have been struggling to keep up with order volumes, which contributed to a “mid-teens per cent” of mobile orders going uncompleted in Q2 2024. 

Fast fulfilment goes hand-in-hand with a good mobile ordering platform, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Improved speed could help Starbucks further increase its customer satisfaction rating, which was 80 out of 100 — tied for fourth among fast food restaurants.

The Siren Craft System is the tip of the spear. The company is rolling out the full Siren System, a more comprehensive overhaul which includes new equipment, but it is expected to reach less than 10% of stores this year, CEO Laxman Narasimhan said on an April earnings call.