Uber To Launch Subscription Service In The UK

Uber is launching a new subscription service in the UK as it attempts to lock consumers into its ecosystem amid the hike in the cost of living.

The ride-hailing giant has said it will expand its Uber One service to the UK, Germany, and Mexico.

Uber One costs $9.99 per month in the US and gives users discounts on Uber journeys, free delivery on takeaways through Uber Eats, and other perks, including higher rated drivers, improved customer service, and compensation for late orders.

The price of Uber One in the UK has not yet been revealed.

The company is hoping to turn its platform from a takeaway and courier service into a regular part of consumers’ lives in the same way Amazon Prime subscribers look to the eCommerce platform as their first stop for online shopping.

It has also claimed it can help battle congestion by reducing private car ownership if users can rely on Uber more frequently.

“We know users across our platform have been asking for a membership program, and we’re looking forward to launching this for them soon,” a spokesperson told The Telegraph.

Subscription services are on the decline after the highs of the pandemic as the cost of living starts to pinch.

According to the research firm Kantar, over 1.5 million British households canceled all video subscriptions in the first quarter of the year.

Subscribers to Uber One spend 2.7 times as much on Uber’s rides and delivery service as nonsubscribers, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said earlier this month.