Cyara Provides Free GDPR Compliance Checker For Chatbots

Cyara has announced the launch of a free GDPR compliance testing service for organizations’ chatbots in both English and German.

The compliance checker, provided through Botium and informed by GDPR experts, helps organizations understand whether a bot can deal with customer inquiries in a way that satisfies GDPR requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance and providing enhanced assurance to customers around data governance.

“As chatbots collect information in an informal way, this data isn’t necessarily treated in the same way as more formal data sets,” said Christoph Börner, Senior Director, Digital, at Cyara.

“Our free GDPR compliance checker will enable us to understand how a bot treats a user’s data – allowing us to suggest ways to fix GDPR violations – providing additional reassurance to customers and helping free organizations from unnecessary risk.”

Cyara’s GDPR compliance test includes a broad range of questions that a customer may ask about using their data to understand whether the bot deals with these inquiries in a compliant way.

The test also audits the processes behind the bot – such as where data is stored and who can access it – to ensure that these, too, are in line with GDPR regulations.

If any areas of non-compliance are detected, the checker will automatically provide an actionable list of actions for organizations to take to bring the bot into compliance.

By easing the process around best practice data governance, Cyara’s approach reduces the risk of fines associated with non-compliance and allows bots to quickly and accurately assist organizations’ customers who want to know how their data is being stored.