WWT, Accedian Accelerate 5G Adoption With Customer-centric Performance Assurance

Accedian, performance analytics and customer experience solutions announced a collaboration with World Wide Technology (WWT) to deliver customer-centric assurance of network and application performance.

A 2021 IDG study noted that 81% of CIOs reported being “buried by the functional aspects of their jobs.” CIOs are juggling security management (44%) and improving IT operations/ system performance (41%). To satisfy hyperconnected impatient customers, leveling up network performance remains imperative for CIOs. WWT, a market-leading technology solution provider, will offer Accedian Skylight for real-time network performance monitoring, analytics, and assurance to address high-performance customer experience (CX) use cases required by innovative CIOs, CEOs and business leaders.

Accedian’s Skylight Performance Analytics allows CIOs to orchestrate and measure customer experience (CX) across cloud, telecom, and hybrid platforms. 5G introduces new capability but also complexity. Both service providers and enterprises will need help migrating from or integrating with existing networks. This requires scientifically precise, uniform, and consistent measurements of performance in real-time across networks with diverse multigenerational components. For modern 5G-enabled services like augmented reality (AR) to deliver on their promises, proactive automation of the network is required to support a fluid user experience.