Clearbit Enhances Pipeline Discovery And Capture With Integration Of G2 Buyer Intent Data

Layering G2 Buyer Intent signals with Clearbit company intelligence data enables marketers to precisely tune ABM tactics for in-market buyers

Clearbit, a B2B marketing intelligence leader, announced that they have built a new integration to support G2 Buyer Intent data in their platform. For marketers, actioning G2 Buyer Intent alongside Clearbit’s company intelligence and audience management enables them better to engage the right companies at the right time.

“Marketers know that engaging the right companies at the right time is key, but with increased pressure to build high-quality pipeline, it’s never been more critical,” said Harlow Ward, CTO, Clearbit. “With G2 and Clearbit, teams can now leverage the powerful combination of company fit and buyer intent to focus their funnel – and even use Clearbit Capture to discover key buyers and contacts at their best-fit, high-intent prospects.”

Customers of G2 and Clearbit can now access all their relevant G2 Buyer Intent Signals directly in Clearbit’s Data Activation Platform, including:

  • Companies viewing their G2 Product Profiles and Sponsored Content
  • Companies viewing their G2 Category(ies), Comparison Products, and Alternative & Competitor Pages
  • G2 Buyer Intent Scores for every visiting company

“Buyer intent data is a secret weapon for leading B2B marketers,” said Christine Li, VP of Growth & Enablement at G2. “Clearbit’s integration with G2 helps marketers take that data even further – driving more streamlined actions for sales, intent-based revenue, and realizing the full potential of account-based marketing.”

By using Clearbit’s Audience Builder to add in these G2 signals alongside Clearbit’s company intelligence and revealed website visitors, teams can now discover and engage high-quality potential pipelines in new ways. For example:

  • Identify best-fit companies researching your solution – or your competitors – on G2, and use Clearbit Capture to discover key buyer contact information for immediate marketing or sales outreach
  • Layer G2’s signals and Buyer Intent Score with Clearbit’s company data to score and prioritize new leads or open opportunities – ensuring your team is focused the best-fit, in-market buyers
  • Know when customers up for renewal are viewing alternatives or comparing to other product pages on G2 – making sure your account team can be proactive