Banzai Expands with AI-powered Demand Generation

Banzai Expands with Phone AI & AI Demand Gen

The new features support Reach’s vision as an AI-powered demand generation platform.

Banzai International, Inc., a marketing technology company that provides essential marketing and sales solutions, announced it has added support for AI-powered phone agents and 11 new campaign types to its Reach solution.

“People have used the phone to connect with customers since its invention, but it has always required a human to sit in front of the phone to operate it. At Banzai, we always found managing large teams of humans dialling phones to be challenging to scale,” said Joe Davy, Founder and CEO of Banzai. “This will allow Banzai customers to leverage dynamic, AI-powered phone agents with complex workflows at scale for all 14 campaign types now supported by Reach.”

New campaign types will let customers leverage Reach across their marketing department, opening up expansion opportunities.

Supported campaign types now include driving survey completions, community membership, content downloads, sales meetings, reviews, newsletter signups, free trials, recorded demo views, education/training participation, and conference meetings, in addition to the webinar and field marketing registration capabilities already supported by Reach.

Reach’s AI-powered phone agent capability allows marketing leaders to scale up phone campaigns for any of those campaign types to reach thousands of targeted B2B or B2C contacts with consistent, high-quality conversations that seamlessly integrate into their Reach campaigns.

Reach helps marketers achieve their goals by deploying multi-channel, multi-touch outbound campaigns directly to a company’s target audience. The product identifies a company’s ideal customer profile from a proprietary database of over 379 million individuals, which are categorised by industry, job title, geographic region and more. Users define their most important customer criteria, and Reach prepares personalised outreach to target contacts and generate results.