Casted Launches Insights For Podcasts And Videos

Casted, providers of an amplified marketing platform and podcast and video solution designed for B2B marketers, launched Casted Insights to empower marketing and revenue teams with account-level contact information and actionable engagement data across audio and video content.

Casted Insights offers a holistic picture of companies’ audiences and how to best connect with them through an in-depth analysis of podcasts and videos side-by-side with the themes piquing customer interest.

“Marketing departments are known for creativity in getting their brand and company name out there, but they must also creatively showcase the results of their efforts. While business leaders always want to see the value of their investments, ROI can be hard to measure for marketing teams as not every campaign or initiative provides sales leads,” said Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO and co-founder of Casted, in a statement. “By launching Casted Insights, we empower marketers with the actionable metrics and insights they need to see, communicate, and leverage the value of their content marketing. This enhancement is only possible because of our deep understanding of the needs of B2B marketers looking to amplify their podcast and video content. We’ve been there because we are B2B marketers.”

Casted Insights enable marketers to do the following:

  • Reveal which companies engage with audio and video content and see if they’re already in the funnel with IP-resolved, firmographic data, no matter where they watch or listen.
  • Surface company-level contact information and engagement data about new and existing audiences.
  • Identify top-performing podcasts, videos, and themes.
  • Amplify data to create attribution models, inform marketing automation, and craft account-based marketing strategies.

“Insights is really helping us determine the overall value of our podcast,” said Hailey Wheeler, services marketing communications consultant at Caterpillar Oil & Gas and Marine, in a statement. “Through our content, we are creating more loyal customers, and we can see their engagement with Casted Insights. As we continue to build upon analytics within Insights, it further reinforces that we’re hitting business goals. Our content is doing something for our customers.”