Catalog Manager is Making Ecommerce Effortless with Real-Time Product Updates

Catalog Manager is a Product-led-growth model SaaS software that is on a mission to “make eCommerce effortless”.

The SaaS product is making waves in the retail world by providing retailers with cleaned, structured, standardized manufacturer catalogs that can be accessed by retailers in several formats tailored for each business. Catalog Manager aims to enable retailers to sync up-to-date catalogs directly onto their online storefronts.

“On average, we’ve seen retailers save 50+ hours a month using Catalog Manager,” said Avinash Reddy, Head of Product.

As the global B2B eCommerce industry continues to grow exponentially, online sellers are under immense pressure to keep their websites up to date. The reason is – today 73.7% of B2B buyers’ research that precedes any purchase begins on an online platform. And a large part of their sales journey happens online across a multitude of online channels with no intervention from the seller.

However, with retailers juggling dozens of product feeds every day from multiple suppliers, manually checking for data accuracy and uploading them to the website in real-time can be a daunting task.

And that’s where Catalog Manager comes into the picture for it serves to bridge the gap between suppliers and sellers by automating the catalog management process so online retailers can publish consistent, standardized data on their eCommerce portals.

Catalog Manager works by sourcing the latest product information from 130+   brands scrubs data and pushes it to eCommerce stores of subscribing retailers. All retailers have to do is subscribe for catalog updates to their choice of suppliers, and automatically receive the latest product information to feature on their online stores.

Top Reasons to Use Catalog Manager to Keep Your Webstore Up-to-date

  • Subscribe to 130+ uniform brands
  • Integrates with Shopify, Volusion, WooCommerce & BigCommerce
  • Get daily inventories updates
  • Access catalogs via XML, FTP or APIs
  • Stay on top of every product update or pricing change

“Catalog Manager is freaking amazing! I’m super glad to not have my team tangled up in scrubbing spreadsheets anymore and do some real business. In the past 2 months, our website traffic has gone by 37% resulting in a significant increase in sales,” said Sarah Corbynn, Shopify Seller