Dentsu Unveils Insights on Gen Z Consumers Across UK and Ireland

UK & Ireland's Gen Z demands purpose-driven brands Report

About 75% of Gen Z are more inclined to buy from brands that donate a portion of their sales to charity, dentsu reveals.

Dentsu unveiled UK and Ireland’s latest national consumer report, revealing that Gen Z reports the highest concern about social issues (90%) among all generations, significantly influencing their purchasing decisions.

Angela Tangas, UK&I CEO at dentsu, said, “As we look ahead to another economically challenging year, a focus on people-centred transformation must be at the heart of your brand’s strategy. Our research reaffirms that understanding customer behaviour and anticipating their needs for tomorrow is critical to growth. We can clearly see that consumers, especially Gen Z, expect more from brands in terms of environmental sustainability and social impact, at a time when technology is enabling new experiences and cultivating new behaviours – herein lies a huge opportunity for brands. The demand for purpose means authenticity is paramount, which will be key to unlocking wins today and preparing for tomorrow.”

About 75% of Gen Z are more inclined to buy from brands that donate a portion of their sales to charity, and 70% prioritise brands that show emotional intelligence in their advertising—both figures being the highest among all generational cohorts.

Additionally, Gen Z donates the highest proportion of their salary (5%) to charity compared to other generations, despite 57% expressing extreme anxiety about their immediate financial future. Furthermore, 78% of Gen Z prefer to purchase from brands that produce their products sustainably, as per the Dentsu’s 2024 Read the Room: Pursuing Happiness report.

Gen Z, born between 1997 and 2012, sees charitable donations and social activism as integral to their identities, linking brand identity to personal value systems. This generation seeks to support brands that actively contribute to societal good through authentic actions, not just words.

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The report also notes that this trend extends beyond Gen Z. More than a quarter of Boomers now prefer to buy from brands exhibiting a strong sense of purpose. Consumers, across generations, are increasingly likely to abandon brands that fail to substantiate their sustainability and social initiatives with concrete evidence.