Gong Launches Gong Engage, Sales Engagement Reimagined with Customer-Centric AI

Gong Launches Gong Engage, Sales Engagement Reimagined with Customer-Centric AI

Gong Engage serves as a single solution to streamline sales engagement for revenue teams by delivering AI-based sales guidance from the first touchpoint with a prospect to deal close.

Gong, the Revenue Intelligence leader, announced a breakthrough sales engagement solution powered by the industry’s most accurate AI models built for revenue teams. Gong Engage is designed to help organisations create and accelerate pipelines – all on a single platform that is powered by real customer interactions.

Gong Engage serves as a single solution to streamline sales engagement for revenue teams by delivering AI-based sales guidance from the first touchpoint with a prospect to deal close. Engage helps teams create and accelerate pipeline by delivering increased productivity with AI-driven automation and guidance, high-quality outreach to engage entire accounts, and a single sales engagement solution to streamline revenue workflows. Gong’s proprietary AI delivers three times more accuracy than off-the-shelf AI models.

SiteDocs, a safety compliance software provider, has been using Gong Engage in beta to consolidate all of its sales team’s operations on Gong. “Our sales cycles move incredibly quickly, and with a small and resource-constrained team, we’ve found that optimising customer engagement within the right window of time is a strong indicator of whether or not we’ll win a deal,” said Thomas Andres, VP Innovation, SiteDocs. 

“Engage will enable us to engineer the process from first touchpoint, to follow-up, to contract signing, because it understands the sales context of the interactions we are having. Since using Engage, we’ve been able to get to a yes or no answer sooner – which lets us allocate resources strategically as we grow our business.”

“Gong changed how revenue teams build pipeline with our customer-centric AI – now we’re changing how they engage with customers at every stage,” said Gong co-founder and CEO, Amit Bendov. “We have leveraged our market-leading AI technology as the foundation for Gong Engage, which sets the entire revenue team up for success. Engage is the only solution that harnesses customer interactions at scale to drive high-quality engagement and ultimately, grow revenue.”

In addition to foundational capabilities such as workflows, web-based dialer, and email templates, Engage delivers reimagined customer engagement features that allow revenue teams to consolidate and up-level their strategies across the entire sales cycle.

Gong Engage utilises Gong’s proprietary generative AI models to help reps prioritise deals and automatically produce call highlights, action items, and outcomes based on conversation analysis from billions of customer interactions. With these AI-enabled features, sales teams – from SDRs to AEs to RevOps leaders – have clear visibility into deals and workflows.

According to The State of Sales Engagement survey from Gong, 61% of sellers don’t know where to focus their engagement efforts. Using generative AI models trained on interactions captured by Gong, Engage makes it easier and more efficient for teams to personalise their customer engagement efforts. AI features include:

  • Call spotlight, which uses Gong’s proprietary generative AI model to create highly accurate briefs, key account highlights, and action items from sales conversations.
  • Automated call outcomes and email response classification, which automatically categorises prospecting calls and emails, increasing the accuracy and completeness of the information being entered into CRM.
  • Assisted writing, which helps reps personalise their outreach based on persona, without having to manually rewrite entire messages.

Engage accounts, not just leads

In Gong’s survey, sellers reported they spend more than six hours each week to manually create one-off personalised emails to buyers. Despite these efforts, 91 percent of buyers surveyed perceive the sales content they receive from sellers as not personalised.

Engage’s contextual, account-based approach for prospecting and selling exceeds the limitations of traditional lead-based tools that encourage mass outreach with little targeting. Instead, it delivers a complete understanding of an account including all touchpoints, relevant CRM information and conversational history through features including:

  • Recommended Contacts, which uses historical deal data to recommend who best to connect with and enables direct access to contact data provided by Gong’s partners, including LeadIQ, Cognism, and Apollo, for streamlined outreach.
  • Buying Signals, which are surfaced from more than 120 Gong Collective integrations to help teams stay on top of their pipeline, no matter where signals are coming from.

One sales engagement solution for the entire revenue team

  • 80% of organisations use sales engagement tools only to get the first meeting booked.
  • Engage eliminates the need to add new tools to progress deals.

By consolidating an organisation’s sales engagement functions including prospecting and selling onto a single platform, RevOps leaders and reps can save time and money and reduce risk. The platform further reduces fragmentation in existing sales engagement and prospecting through partnerships with connected data from partners like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Chili Piper, and Calendly to offer increased visibility, workflow automation, and alignment such as:

  • Pipeline Views, which lets reps view key tasks and information on active opportunities, including a live list of critical actions to engage with buyers and move deals forward.
  • Analytics Dashboard, which gives leadership full visibility into critical metrics across the sales cycles so they can continuously fine-tune their playbook
  • Collaboration, which enables team members to share and assign critical tasks and notes cross-functionally.