Ikea Launches TikTok Live Shopping Ads

Cats and dogs play host for Ikea’s TikTok live shopping ad

Led by the creative agency, Mother, Ikea’s TikTok live broadcast will see cats and dogs demonstrating the new products.  

Ikea is launching its new pet range via The Pet Shopping Network – a TikTok live livestream broadcast which will see cats and dogs demonstrating the new products. 

Nick Hallbery, Executive Creative Director at Mother London, said, “In classic teleshopping style, there is no better person to talk about a product than those who will be using it. With The Pet Shopping Network, we’ve got part customer research and part entertainment, in one package.”

“Our aim is to help the four-legged members of every household feel as at home as their human companions, with a dedicated Ikea collection that’s just for them. Sorry humans,” Nick added. 

Ikea’s Marketing Communications Manager, Kemi Anthony, expressed how people celebrate pet’s birthdays, dress them up and let them run the household. She said, “That’s why we’re excited to offer furniture that’s designed just for them, to cater to their unique needs and still look good. And we’ve found and exciting way to bring this campaign to life.”

The Ikea campaign will be further bolstered by a series of in-store and social media activities from the retailer, with a PR campaign, led by Hope and Glory.

In the broadcast ad, which was led by creative agency Mother, the cats and dogs will show off the new lines while also interacting with the human audience at home, who can, for instance, vote to see either kittens or puppies testing out the products.