ScaleWith Debuts Social Impact Copilot

ScaleWith Launches Social Impact Copilot™

The launch of Impact Copilot redefines how businesses align with their customers’ values while unlocking new sources of revenue and profit.

ScaleWith, a social impact AI company, announced public beta availability of Social Impact Copilot, a revolutionary product that employs generative AI to redefine how enterprises drive sustainability, CSR and social impact across all business functions. 

Paul Polizzotto, Founder & CEO of ScaleWith, said, “The launch of Social Impact Copilot represents more than innovation, it embodies ScaleWith’s dedication to ethical progress and its aspiration for a future where technology enhances societal wellbeing. Merging cutting-edge AI with social impact is a way to harness the power of the global economy as a force for positive social change.”

Crafted and built by an alliance of AI technology experts, and CSR and Sustainability thought leaders, Social Impact Copilot™ integrates seamlessly with the ScaleWith AI platform, aggregating data within ScaleWith’s network, consisting of pre-vetted social impact organisations, corporate commitment research, and external partnerships. 

This innovative software empowers users to harness AI capabilities without requiring specialised skills, enabling them to address CSR, ESG, sustainability, and social impact inquiries effortlessly. By leveraging AI, the tool generates content, analyses information, enables action, facilitates financial transaction processing and streamlines tasks for business teams, transforming CSR from a cost centre into a strategic advantage and profit driver.

The launch marks a significant milestone in transforming how businesses align with their customers’ values while unlocking new sources of revenue and profit across marketing, sales, procurement, and CSR.