Sprinklr: Scaling AI Bots for Business Success

Sprinklr: Scaling AI Bots for Business Success

Conversational AI+ simplifies bot creation for faster self-service that feels human.

Sprinklr, the unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises, announced the launch of Conversational AI+ in Sprinklr Service. Part of Sprinklr’s Release 18.11, Conversational AI+ empowers businesses to quickly deploy and scale generative AI-powered bots that can have human-like text and voice conversations.

“Sprinklr is committed to helping our enterprise customers recognize 20-40% productivity improvements across the front office,” said Sprinklr Founder and CEO, Ragy Thomas. “Our 18.11 release includes AI-powered capabilities across every product suite, including tools empowering brands to create and deploy virtual assistants that truly understand and engage with customers. We believe that Sprinklr is the fastest and most effective way for customers and prospects to get AI into a global brand’s front office.”

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance customer experiences. The Sprinklr 18.11 release and Conversational AI+ address this need by providing businesses with a simple and efficient solution to build human-like intelligent bots in just three easy steps. Customers can now create a bot by simply defining the bot persona, the functions it has access to, and the skills on which it is trained.

The Sprinklr platform then creates and refines the bot using: 

  1. FAQ & Transaction Skill, which enables businesses to quickly train a bot by simply entering their website/knowledge base URL or uploading PDF documents. This feature empowers businesses to deflect FAQ volumes or automate transactions that can be done without the need for a human agent. By automating the handling of frequently asked questions and transactions, brands can improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. 
  2. Free form conversational flows provide a natural conversational experience to end customers. This feature eliminates the rigid decision tree-based bot workflows, often resulting in a less flexible and more robotic experience for customers. Businesses can create a more engaging and personalised interaction with their customers by allowing for dynamic and context-specific conversations. 
  3. Sprinklr Guardrails, which assure businesses that the responses generated by the generative AI are brand compliant. This feature adds an extra layer of control and helps ensure that the virtual assistants maintain the brand’s voice and values. 

“Conversational AI solutions have solidified their place among the set of software services that organizations view as critical to their ongoing digital transformation by providing self-service capabilities. There’s a huge need for innovation in this area, and it’s exciting to see Sprinklr stepping up to simplify the deployment of AI-powered bots that feel human,” said Lou Reinemann, Research Director, Voice of the Customer and Experience Management at IDC.

These features significantly reduce deployment times, allowing brands to go-to-market quickly with conversational bots for use cases like helping improve self-serve rates by empowering customers to solve their issues using a conversational interface, boosting sales through automated product recommendations, reducing costs on the voice channel by leveraging conversational AI-powered voice bots with in-house ASR capabilities, and many more.

By streamlining the bot creation process, businesses can save time and resources while delivering exceptional customer experiences. Conversational AI+ marks a significant milestone in the evolution of AI-powered conversational bots. With its user-friendly interface, advanced capabilities, and focus on enhancing customer experiences, Conversational AI+ can help businesses transform their customer interactions and drive customer satisfaction to new heights.