Syrve Integrates with Face Id System

Syrve, MENA’s second largest restaurant management software, has started to integrate one more food-tech trend in the UAE market — Face ID system.

The company equips with Face ID functionality in the UAE restaurants in pursuit of digitization and automation aligned with Dubai policy (The UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025) of making the life of citizens and tourists more efficient and comfortable.

Syrve integrates state-of-the-art technology for the customers including Face ID — one of the best and the most secure identification systems. The scanning is done by an algorithm facial recognition algorithm that captures thousands of facial points. Syrve’s innovative Face ID technology provides such important benefits as usage speed, identification efficiency, protection of fraud by the staff, and a special biometric data encryption system that protects against information theft.

“We tested Face ID technology on multiple hundreds of restaurants across multiple markets and we are ready to enhance restaurant operations in the Middle East with our new top-notch technologies. Syrve’s vision on Face-ID solution corresponds to the UAE digital strategy that will help businesses to develop their technologies in a modern and sustainable way,” Alexander Ponomarev, Syrve CEO commented.

New Features of Face ID Technology

Syrve allows clients to use unique biometric data instead of PIN codes and cards providing secure authorisation methods. A client can carry out authorisation with a fingerprint or through the Face ID system. The system provides efficient identification and saves time compared to “physical methods” of working control — cards or pincodes.

This innovative system helps to discipline a team through an additional control that cannot be cheated, and teaches employees to follow rules and procedures. It’s impossible to fool the Face ID scanner with a photo or any digital tools.

Furthermore Syrve gives clients protection from theft with the help of Face ID. Serious or dangerous operations can only be confirmed by an eligible employee using his fingerprint or face identification. Face ID makes the company’s system secure of fraud by the staff so far as all the important system functions are working exclusively with facial identification of the top management.

The Face ID system by Syrve does not store biometric data, but saves the Hash Authentication Parameters of the image in encrypted form. This encoding system does not allow reverse decryption of the hash-parameter which makes the Face ID system highly secure. It means that even if the code is stolen, no one will be able to extract and get biometric data out of the system and do anything with them.

The Advantages for Food & Beverage Business

The Face ID system by Syrve helps to automate the accounting of work time of the restaurants, increase the reliability of the received data, save money on employees’ plastic cards, and reduce the cost of maintaining the turnstile or security guard.