Tymely raises $7 million to automate eCommerce customer service using NLP

Tymely invented a hybrid AI-and-people-based contact center that’s specially crafted to provide a turn-key solution to eCommerce brands and mitigate AI’s shortcomings.

Some of the problems that NLP faces is its inability to fully understand the human language, particularly the domain-specific, often implied, and highly-nuanced customer service language. This poses a great dilemma to organizations as even the most advanced NLP models still can’t fully handle the majority of customer inquiries.

While billions of dollars have been spent on creating chatbots and AI solutions, 90% of all inquiries are still handled by CS agents. One to the reasons for that is that the bots aren’t *natural*-language processors. They are *bot language* processors. Bots and other existing AI solutions today focus on a surface-level ability to converse and relay information.

Tymely’s focus, on the other hand, is on the accuracy of solving problems by first fully understanding the customer’s nuanced language, and then by taking appropriate actions required to help customers.   Ph. D candidate for NLP and Deep Learning, Ohad Rozen, is the co-founder and CEO of Tymely. Rozen is passionate about revolutionizing customer service using cutting-edge AI technologies. He is also no stranger to raising funds for start-ups, having raised $7 million from top-tier VCs while he was CEO of Toonimo Inc. Commenting on his recent success with investor funding, Rozen said:  “I am very happy for the backing of Hetz Investments, D.E. Shaw Group and 97212 Ventures in helping with the expansion of our vision to improve customer support for everyone.”

Tymely’s second Co-Founder is CTO  Roy Penn, with 20 years of incepting and delivering innovative technology products. He’s a Talpiot graduate and the former VP of Engineering of Amenity Analytics (an NLP company that raised over $30M).  Tymely will use the $7 million investment to improve its NLU (natural language understanding) technology and recruit a salesforce to scale the business.  

When asked about the motivation for creating an AI for customer service, he explained: “Customer service today is broken. Many businesses are losing a lot of money because of poor customer service.  Both human agents and AI have benefits, but they also have inadequacies. We created a solution that harnesses the power of human verification and human conscience and the brilliance of AI technology to produce a one-of-a-kind solution that delivers rapid, bespoke responses tailored to each inquiry.”