Top 12 BFSI Leaders Transforming Customer Experience In Europe

Top 12 BFSI Leaders Transforming Customer Experience In Europe

BFSI leaders have helped European banks introduce cutting-edge banking-as-a-service platforms, build robust customer support systems, and integrate seamless payment solutions.

The European economies have prompted numerous banking and financial institutions to adopt digital innovations aimed at improving client relationships. Whether through the introduction of cutting-edge banking-as-a-service platforms, building robust customer support systems or seamless payment integrations, European banks are at the forefront of embracing innovation. 

Credit goes to the customer experience leaders and innovators who have helped these financial institutions build a camaraderie of satisfied clientele. As we delved into the profiles of various CX leaders instrumental in reshaping the future of banking in Europe, we identified some prominent names.

Top 12 BFSI Leaders Shaping the CX Future in Europe

1. Alex Swain, Head of Brand Experience and Digital Design, Deutsche Bank 

Alex SwainAlex Swain, currently based out in London, UK, is the Head of Brand Experience and Digital Design at Deutsche Bank. With an experience of over 20 years, he has led several client-first digital projects and brand design for Deutsche Bank while ensuring visual consistency through global teams.

Swain is well-versed in guiding stakeholders with interactive UI/UX design for online banking apps, further ensuring seamless customer journeys. Besides that, he has led SEO-friendly strategies for helping leaders enhance their websites’ performance during his initial days of ecommerce marketing. 

2. Andy Reid, the Global Head of Customer Engagement at Wirex 

Andy ReidAndy Reid, the Global Head of Customer Engagement at Wirex, has been managing a team of different personnel with a vision of retaining existing customers while meeting their needs and driving new customers. His 10 years of experience as a senior marketing leader and proficiency in developing effective marketing strategies have helped a lot of brands achieve their goals of client acquisition and retention. 

Andy’s strong entrepreneurial spirit with the capability to bring expertise, inspiration and thought leadership have played an essential role in driving commercial growth for various companies, including eBay, Gumtree, Accor Hotels Group and the Addison Lee Group.

3. Anita Paju, Head of Customer Success at LHV Bank 

Anita PajuAnita Paju, currently the Head of Customer Success at LHV Bank, is one of the creative heads behind building a team of tech-savvy employees who developed the company’s BaaS platform for 24/7 real-time payment processing. With a degree in International Relations, she has been serving LHV Bank for over nine years with different key responsibilities, from Client Service Specialist to her current role. Paju is also responsible for overseeing client onboarding and relationship management at LHV Bank. 

4. Alishba Ali, Head of Consumer and TMT Coverage, Barclay  

Alishba AliRecently appointed as the Head of Consumer and TMT Coverage at Barclay, an immensely popular financial service provider in the UK, building digital client experiences, Alishba Ali holds 20+ years of industrial experience. 

Her qualifications in Economics and International Business from Emory University have always helped her to foster global business coverage and cross-regional teams. Initially, Ali worked with J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America under various leadership job roles. 

5. Christopher Dunn, Global Head of Client Experience of BNP Paribas SA, France 

Christopher DunnChristopher Dunn, currently Global Head of Client Experience, joined BNP Paribas, in early 2019 as a leadership role in client satisfaction. It’s his efforts and expertise that have helped the organisation to integrate client-centric practices by leveraging market insights and direct client feedback. 

Previously, Dunn worked for UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), the UK government’s international business consultancy arm, helping clients successfully implement global expansion plans. 

6. Jasma Jobanputra,  SVP, Trade CX Transformation Executive at Citi Bank

Jasma JobanputraJasma Jobanputra built her 20+ year career in both international and UK-based domestic banks and is passionate about putting customer value at the heart of everything. Her broad and diverse expertise in all aspects of commercial banking, along with product management and proposition design, have helped her execute complex regulatory transformation programmes with utmost transparency and efficiency. 

Jobanputra’s vast experience in relationship management, proposition, product sales, business development, strategy, and planning has helped financial institutions build client relationships and loyalty with higher revenue growth. 

7. Jonathan Roomer, Co-Founder & Head of Customer Success, YuLife 

Jonathan RoomerHaving his passion for technology and love for connecting with people, Jonathan Roomer is the co-founder and head of customer success at YuLife. He likes to talk about insurance technology and its role in building a better customer experience. 

With a degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, Roomer has also served KPMG during the early-stage days of the company. Besides working for the vision of YuLife, he gives guest lectures at Imperial College Business School. 

8. Michael Sherwood, Head of Brand & Experience at Atom Bank 

Michael SherwoodMichael Sherwood is the Head of Brand and Experience at Atom Bank, UK’s first app-only bank, responsible for marketing, CX, insight, research, UX, visual design and finance management. 

He is a multi-award-winning and customer-centric leader who is known for building and delivering strategic change programmes for improved customer service via digital transformation. Before working at Atom Bank, Sherwood worked for Tesco Banks, where he designed and implemented various customer-oriented strategies. 

9. Michele Brew, Head of Customer Experience, HSBC Holdings PLC, UK   

Michele BrewCurrently responsible for handling strategic process improvements of the Client Service Model, Michele Brew is the Head of Customer Experience at HSBC Holding PLC, UK. With more than 25 years of experience in the client management segment, Brew has also worked with Chase Manhattan Bank, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. 

Her knack for investor services, global custody and fund services has always helped her successfully lead her client management role with enhanced client satisfaction. Understanding global clients and their needs, and delivering them with the best solutions is something that keeps Brew motivated and getting to work.  

10. Michelle Prance, Group Director Customer and Colleague Journeys  

Michelle Prance is the Group Director of Customer and Colleague Journeys at NatWest Group, a relationship management financial bank, building seamless digital experiences for customers. With her expertise in digital transformation system thinking and customer service management, Michelle brings various innovative strategies for transforming customer journeys to the table. 

Previously, Prance worked at Lloyds Group Banking Group as a Director of Innovation and Strategy. She is a qualified economist and an early fintech innovator who has created client-oriented business models that grow value at the highest levels of the banking industry.

11. Director of Customer Experience, Banco Santander, Spain 

Pedro CatarinoEmbracing a go-getter attitude and proficiency in commercial transformation and analytics, Pedro Catarino is the Director of Customer Experience at Banco Santander, Spain. He started his career as a Product Manager at Banco Santander in 2013 and later worked with McKinsey and CTT in marketing analytics roles. 

During his 15-year career, Catarino has implemented various multi-channel churn management programmes to drive higher customer experience and brand revenue. More than that, he has broad international experience and has lived in four different countries, handling a team of people with diverse backgrounds. 

12. Sam Vijay, Head of Customer Experience and Digital, Lloyds Banking Group  

Sam VijayWith over 15 years of experience in transforming customer experience, Sam Vijay is the Head of Customer Experience and Digital at Lloyds Banking Group. His creative strategic agility, empathetic leadership quality and low-level-delivery approach have always helped him to reach the milestones in the area of customer experience. During his career, Vijay has fostered a culture of continuous team improvement and innovation across various products and customer segments.  

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