CreativeX and Realeyes Partner to Launch AttentionX

CreativeX and Realeyes Join Forces to Launch AttentionX

AttentionX provides a new opportunity to scale the success of attention scoring and creative excellence for every single ad. 

CreativeX, a creative measurement and scoring operator, and Realeyes, an attention measurement platform, have joined forces to launch AttentionX. 

AttentionX combines creative scoring and attention technologies to instantly score attention performance for every ad from any ad account linked to CreativeX. The service also delivers AI-generated recommendations on how to improve ads to capture more attention and make their media investments work harder.

Mihkel Jäätma, CEO of Realeyes, said, “Mars is the most advanced advertiser in linking creative performance and attention to long-term sales. CreativeX is becoming the de-facto creative operating system for the world’s largest brands and becomes a powerful vehicle to embed attentional performance within every ad.”

Anastasia Leng, CEO of CreativeX, said, “To date, our creative data has been tied to sales, brand, and every digital KPI, but never attention. Inspired by Mars’ vision, Realeyes has overcome the cost and speed limitations faced by many to make attention data available for every video ad. Embedding this input directly in the pre-flight flow of our customers further de-risks their creative executions and helps inform their media allocation decisions.”

Johanna Welch, Associate Director of Mars Horizon Communications Lab, said, “We’ve partnered with CreativeX and Realeyes for more than five years, and it’s exciting to see the additive impact of these essential tools combined. AttentionX provides a new opportunity to scale the success of our attention scoring and creative excellence for every single ad.”

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As the number of creative assets that brands use across their campaigns has skyrocketed ten-fold over the last three years, AttentionX offers creative scoring and performance at an unparalleled scale.