Ikea Expects to Assist 6 Times As Many Customers with Upptäcka Self-Service Kiosks

Ikea Expects to Assist 6 Times As Many Customers with Self-Service Upptäcka Kiosks

Ikea has implemented Upptäcka self-service kiosks across all of its locations. Self-service can help stores handle six times the number of customers compared to manual processes. 

The Upptäcka self-service kiosks are designed to help customers throughout their journey, whether they just entered the store or are ready to check out.

Each kiosk defaults to showing contextual information on its home screens based on location, according to Karlsson. A kiosk at the entrance to the store is set up to immediately help with navigation, while a kiosk in a living room showroom features a sofa configuration tool.

A majority of kiosks are located near the checkout, where customers can be guided to a product’s location in the warehouse or place an order to be collected by associates.

“The user interface is built in a way so it can answer customers’ questions and support customers in the quickest possible way while keeping them on the way to purchase and enabling them to enjoy their store visit,” according to Stojanka Karlsson, Product Owner for Upptäcka.

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Ikea will add more capabilities to the Upptäcka kiosks in the future. Plans include the option to place 3D projections of in-store products in pre-furnished rooms to get a better idea of how they will look.

“We are very data-driven, and we use data to learn about our customer behaviours in the stores to be able to meet their needs in the best possible way,” Karlsson said.