SoundHound AI Acquires Ordering Platform to Bolster Voice Commerce Ecosystem

SoundHound AI Acquires Ordering Platform to Bolster Voice Commerce Ecosystem

SoundHound AI has announced the acquisition of significant assets from Allset, an online ordering platform that connects restaurants with local customers. This move will integrate Allset’s team into SoundHound, enhancing the company’s innovative capabilities.

“As a business, Allset will help SoundHound bring voice AI solutions to even more restaurants looking to improve operational efficiency. At the same time, the Allset team brings a wealth of marketplace experience and knowledge that will make our bigger vision of a voice commerce ecosystem a reality. Together, we plan to provide dynamic and convenient ways for people to order food and complete a range of other transactions just by speaking naturally,” said Keyvan Mohajer, CEO and Co-Founder of SoundHound AI.

With this acquisition, SoundHound aims to expand its restaurant partnerships, engineering expertise, and marketplace knowledge, driving towards a vision of a voice commerce ecosystem. This ecosystem will enable consumers to seamlessly order food and conduct other transactions through natural voice commands. The plan includes enabling voice-activated food and beverage ordering across millions of cars, TVs, and smart devices.

Founded in 2015, Allset offers a platform for local pick-up dining, providing a cost-effective alternative to high-fee delivery apps.

Allset’s existing and future restaurant partners will now have access to SoundHound’s comprehensive suite of voice AI products, designed to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and boost sales. The Allset leadership team will bring their extensive marketplace experience to accelerate the development of SoundHound’s unique voice monetisation platform. This initiative will allow consumers to effortlessly order food using conversational voice AI from their vehicles or voice-enabled devices, such as TVs.

“We are thrilled to join forces with SoundHound to combine our established partnerships and marketplace expertise with SoundHound’s class-leading voice AI solutions and capabilities. From the beginning, we realised that we share the same vision for the voice commerce ecosystem that elevates the consumer experience. This team-up will accelerate our progress toward the next exciting phase of AI-powered ordering convenience,” said Stas Matviyenko, CEO and Co-Founder of Allset.

Currently, SoundHound is collaborating with over 10,000 restaurant locations. Its advanced voice ordering technology can be leveraged across various channels, including phone, drive-thru, kiosks, and mobile apps. The system can efficiently handle customer orders, understand multiple languages, learn restaurant menus, process orders directly to the POS, answer FAQs, upsell add-ons, and promote special offers.

In addition to Allset, SoundHound AI recently announced that it was acquiring SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions, a voice AI provider for the restaurant industry.

Beyond the restaurant industry, SoundHound’s voice AI solutions are deployed in millions of units across smart devices, TVs, and automotive sectors, underscoring its global reach and versatile applications.

In other news, SoundHound AI has unveiled its collaboration with Perplexity, a conversational AI and answer engine innovator, to enhance SoundHound’s Chat AI voice assistant by integrating Perplexity’s dynamic LLM capabilities.