Sprinklr Expands Partnership with Reddit

Sprinklr Expands Partnership with Reddit

Sprinklr, provider of a unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, and Reddit have expanded their partnership, resulting in an integration of Reddit’s Data API and Sprinklr’s Advertising API.

The Reddit Data API provides Sprinklr customers direct access to near-real-time public conversations on Reddit. This social listening partnership will show relevant Reddit posts and comments in Sprinklr’s interactive customer dashboard. By combining Sprinklr’s analytics with Reddit’s archive of constantly-updated human conversation, businesses now have access to enhanced feedback and sentiment, trends, and competitive insights to better understand customers, brand reputation, and business growth.

As Reddit’s first advertising API partner, Sprinklr customers can access the full Reddit advertising suite and integrate Reddit into their advertising strategies and campaigns. Enhanced data and insights via the Sprinklr Data API integration can also help inform advertising strategies to reach intended audiences on Reddit.

“Reddit’s differentiated approach to interest-based communities allows for contextually rich engagement and a different approach to advertising. This is a compelling formula for Sprinklr enterprise customers and especially important as the privacy landscape continues to evolve,” said Sprinklr’s Vice President of Global Partnerships, Jim Tomanchek, in a statement. “Sprinklr is the only platform offering enterprise brands a unified approach to manage every aspect of their brand on Reddit. This integration will help our enterprise customers integrate Reddit as a core pillar of their brand and marketing strategies.”

“It’s getting harder for businesses to drive growth. There are fewer new places to reach, understand, and meaningfully engage with audiences online,” said Reddit’s Vice President of Business Development, Jonathan Flesher, in a statement. “We’re excited to partner with Sprinklr because we know the deep value of Reddit’s contextually-rich discussions as a means for businesses to learn what people think, spot trends, test ideas, and participate in informed discussions. Our partnership with Sprinklr will connect their customers to the most relevant, engaged, and real conversations on the internet and set them up for success.”